Who pays for repairs in a rented apartment?  


MeiT Team

October 26, 2022

You may have ever had to deal with some repairs in your rental home. But who pays for repairs in a rental apartment?
The toilet cistern, the blind strap, the sink siphon... These terms sound familiar, don't they?
Today we are going to make it clear to you who has to pay what.Take advantage and take note!


1. The Law is the Law

First of all, let's take a look at the law: Article 21.4 of the Urban Lease Law.: Minor repairs required by wear and tear due to the ordinary use of the dwelling shall be borne by the tenant, it does not offer the slightest doubt that the tenant must pay for such repair.

On this basis, let's take a more in-depth look at what each of us has to pay:


What does the landlord have to pay?

The homeowner must pay for all repairs that are deemed suitable to keep the house habitable.

This is why you should take responsibility for updating the water or light installations in case they are outdated or if they directly cause catastrophes or breakdowns (dripping faucet, automatic tripping).

It also has to replace those appliances and furniture that are "about to die" such as shower enclosures, lamps, countertops, refrigerators, air conditioners, etc.).

It also has to maintain walls and ceilings, floors and insect pests. Here are some examples: Dampness, leaks, broken tiles, varnishing.


What does the tenant have to pay?

The tenant must always be responsible for paying for all damages caused by misuse of the property, as well as for all those resulting from his actions.

Let's look at some examples: changing water filters or air conditioners, blown light bulbs, broken glass, plugging holes in the wall.

It should also be noted that the repair of appliances paid by the tenant must always becovered by the landlord. This amount may also be deducted from the deposit at the end of the rental contract.

Attention! The boiler must be the tenant's responsibility. However, in case of replacement, it will be paid by the landlord.


We hope to have solved the new doubt of our #BlogMeiT Who pays for repairs in a rented apartment?

We can assure you that by renting with MeiT you will never experience any kind of conflict with the landlord, as we make sure that everything is always up front in the contract before signing anything, so that it is clear!

If you are thinking of renting a house, #MeiT offers you a wide variety of houses ready for you to move in in the most comfortable, safe and agile way possible.


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