What can I be prohibited in a rented apartment?

MeiT Team

November 15, 2022

What can I be prohibited in a rented apartment?Landlords and tenants have to comply with a number of rules established by the Law of Urban Leases (LAU). . However, we are often unaware of the rights and duties of each of them.


It is becoming increasingly common to encounter irresponsible tenants who make too much noise, are disruptive or simply do not pay their rent on a monthly basis . It has been found that more than 40% of landlords have argued with their tenants at some point during their tenancy.


It is for this reason that landlords result from a clause in the contracts before they sign their tenants. This freedom given to the landlords to establish restrictions or rules is given by the LAU, which is in charge, as we have commented, of regulating in Spain, the rental legislation.


It is true that some landlords take advantage of this power and some clauses can be abusive. For this reason we must read and know perfectly all the clauses of our contract and count on specialists or lawyers in the case of violating the regulation.


Next, we will take a closer look at those criteria that are not specified in the LAU legislation and are purely a matter of choice for the owners.

What can I be forbidden in a rented apartment? Stay and find out!


1. Mascot

According to a recently conducted study, only 5% of of rented apartments accept pets.

meit mascot

Although the new animal protection law considers pets to be members of the family, the Urban Leasing Law allows landlords to decide whether to accept them or not. allows landlords to decide whether or not to accept them. .

They have the right not to allow them, if it appears in the clauses of the contract. However, if no a specific clause prohibiting animals, the tenant has the right to have animals in his home, as long as he establishes a good maintenance of the animals. good maintenance of the dwelling and respects the neighbors of the block.


2. Smoking indoors

The same applies to this case. The landlord must be the one to prohibit, or not; as long as it is reflected in the contract.

smoking indoors

If you are a tenant, you smoke and your landlord has forbidden it in the criteria of the contract, be careful! You may think that by ventilating the smell will go away; but often you can see it visibly in the fate of the curtains or walls, perhaps simply the landlord's sense of smell can play a trick on you.

It should also be noted that there is a risk of fire For this reason, most of the owners prohibit smoking.


3. Works

If we want to do any work on the property, we must have the owner's written permission, otherwise it cannot be done. We will never be able to ask the owner to cover them economically, although we can negotiate with them some of the negotiate with them some reforms in exchange for the rent. in exchange for the rent.

meit inquili works

On the other hand, in the case of repairs necessary for the proper operation of the proper functioning of the dwelling, the tenant is entitled to make them.


4. Paint

In the case of wanting to paint our house, the owner cannot forbid us to do it, because we are not because we are not modifying the structure structure of the home.

But be careful! When the lease is terminated The tenant is obliged to leave the walls of the apartment as they were, in the same conditions. Therefore, the tenant will be obliged to repaint the walls in the original color.


5. Community pool

Likewise, the LAU establishes that it is the landlord who decides whether the tenant can have access to it. the owner who decides if the tenant can have access to it. Generally, the tenant can enjoy the swimming pool and enjoy all the community facilities (swimming pool, gym, tennis courts...etc) in case there are any.

It is essential to emphasize that tenant y owner cannot use these facilities at the same time. If use is assigned to the tenant, the owner will not be able to access these areas and vice versa.


With MeiT

What can I be forbidden in a rented apartment? Meiter, we hope we have answered your question.

We have already seen that as long as certain clauses are established in the lease, there may be certain limitations that the landlord will establish as he pleases.

From our portal In order to avoid any doubt, we make a series of questions to the owner where he marks the characteristics are the rules of your rental. We will always offer contracts in accordance with the Law of Urban Leases (LAU). .

We are the real estate portal more comfortable, safer and closer to you. We find your ideal home always filtering as much as possible, we adapt to your needs and requirements.

And you, would you like to find your apartment or room this easy? Take a look at the viviof our website and choose yours!


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