Tips for finding the best rental flats

Tips for finding the best rental flats

MeiT Team

22 June 2022

Hello dear Meiter, in this new installment of the #BlogMeiT we leave you 7 tips to find the best flats for rent and don't mess up when looking for your perfect flat, as difficult as it is... if you make mistakes it can become a hell. We hope it helps you!


1. Make use of different apps

When looking for a flat, you should try to find the widest possible offer (lofts, flats, low penthouses, duplexes, etc.), therefore, searching in different search engines will help you to find all types of houses. It is necessary to look at several portals to see all the possibilities offered by the market but always be sure that the ad is truthful and is updated within the last 2 weeks, many ads are outdated, out of date or false.  

At MeiT, we help you to find your homewith the characteristics you want and during the whole process we will give you all the facilities so that you can find your ideal home. We also offer you a wide range of properties, so you will be able to have variety.


2. Study market prices, by area

You should try to study the prices of the neighbourhoods you like the most in order to have a list of the neighbourhoods and properties that best suit your requirements.

With the help of MeiT, you can select your favourite neighbourhoods y set a budget you are comfortable with comfortable withusing the personalised search that we have on our website. By carrying out a personalised search, we will be able to see what you are really looking for and what makes your dream flat a reality. We will give you many options and then we will narrow down the offer until we find YOUR FLAT.


3. Visit the flats

You should never expect photos alone to be enough to rent a flat, as there are many scammers who post good photos when the flat doesn't even exist. When you find the right flat, you should immediately ask for a viewing so that you can check the flat and make sure that everything is in order.

If you do it with MeiT you can save yourself this step, because all our houses have been verified previously by usThe photos, videos and plans are homegrown, so with us you save yourself the trouble of going to verify and visit the house, if you want to. Even in the event that you can not physically visit the house, we would make a video call from the flat where we will show you showing you each of its rooms and details..


4. Ask around you

Also ask around in your immediate circle, they may have a flat that matches your preferences. The people around you should know that you are looking for a flat in case they know someone who is interested in renting theirs.

The doormen of the buildings also know what is going on in their block and may have a reference that a flat will become vacant for rent. 


5. Make the visit as soon as possible

Don't leave your visit to the last minute. Specifically in Madrid, if you let the visit pass you by o postpone itthe most likely thing is that they will end up taking away the house you like. There are hundreds of people looking for flats every day, and in one day the owner can have 10 visits and close the rental that same day.

You should be attentive and book your visit as soon as possible. With MeiT you have the possibility to schedule a visit and that the landlord has all your documentation before you arrive for the visit the visit so that you can be the first person to close the rental.


6. Have documentation ready

Always have the documentation ready, this will save you time when formalising the rental. At MeiT, we usually recommend that you take a photocopy of your employment contract, ID card and the last three payslips with you on your visits. The aforementioned documents are the ones that are usually required before signing a contract. 

With MeiT you will upload your guarantees directly to the platform so that when you request a viewing or a rental directly the owner will be able to see your profile and your guarantees at the click of a button.which greatly increases the likelihood thatif you are one of the candidates for a rental, you will be the winner.

WARNING: Sometimes, in order to reserve the flat, you are asked to pay a deposit so that no one can take it away from you, but be careful that there are times when they try to swindle you with this type of reservation.In previous publications we have given you tips to avoid being scammed when renting.


7. Study your rights as a tenant

Tenants have certain rights that are set out in the LAU. You should read these rights, so that they don't try to sneak false or abusive clauses into the contract. In our previous #BlogMeiT post, we told you which are these abusive clauses that you may be asked for. Another tip is that before signing the contract, try to have it checked by a lawyer if you don't have much idea about the clauses.

MeiT always urges both landlords and tenants to have a cordial relationship, fluid communication and honest dealings with each other. cordial relationship, fluid communication and honest dealings with each other.. This is the formula for a safe, secure and trustworthy renting..


Well and that's what we tell you today, we trust that these 7 Tips to find the best flats to rent have helped you to improve your search for a flat and you have become a little more specialised in this task. Stay tuned to our publications to learn more about renting.

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