5 things a tenant looks for in a house

MeiT Team

December 29, 2022

If you want to sell your house you have to take into account several factors that make tenants choose your house as the most suitable, so stay in this post that we are going to explain 5 things that a tenant looks for in a house.

The location

Location is one of the most important factors to consider when buying a house, since its cost will depend to a great extent on it.

We recommend inspecting the neighborhood where you are located, whether it is close to schools, public transportation, shopping centers or green spaces such as parks or sports clubs.

Although in the short term it may not be of interest or may be downplayed, if the tenant plans to spend many years in the property and raise a family in it, this requirement will become indispensable.

Finally, another source of information can be the neighbors themselves to learn about their experiences in the area.


Security is directly related to its location, and although it seems like a cliché, it is not. Living in a quiet, crime-free area is becoming one of the most sought-after requirements for tenants. 

Although this is not up to the owners, there are options that provide additional security, such as security devices (alarms), additional key locks and exterior lights.

The size

The square footage is key to determining if a family will fit comfortably within the property. This means considering all elements, from the number of rooms to the total built area to ensure there will be no short or long term problems.

In addition, you should ask yourself the following questions: Will the house be large enough to accommodate potential guests? Will your children have adequate space to play or study? Thinking about all of these things gives you a much more complete picture of what a home can offer before you make a purchase.

Another factor to take into account is the municipal taxes, since the larger the property, the higher the rates will be

Years of ownership

A new property generally offers fewer concerns and problems regarding its facilities, amenities and services, but you never know where you might find a surprise or two.

For this reason, it is important to identify which are the new or replaced elements within the existing infrastructure: from windows to bathtubs and even electrical or plumbing systems, and foresee in which part of the house you are going to have to invest more to change or repair it.


This factor is given by all those mentioned above, and is undoubtedly the most decisive. We recommend to investigate how the real estate market is and above all, the price that they are asking in houses that are around.

It will also depend on the renovations you have done, as the price may increase and you will have possibilities to negotiate and ask more for your rent. But be careful not to ask for too much, as the budgets that potential tenants handle can be very tight and you may not get sales.

If you want to increase the value of your home, you have to take into account many factors that can play in your favor.

From the team #MeiT we hope that these 5 things you should know before putting your home for rent will help you to embark on this new experience as a landlord.

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